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#FVMA21 Nominees Announced!

#FVMA21 Fraser Valley Music Awards Nominees   Abbotsford – The 2021 Fraser Valley Music Awards’ 66 nominees are now available at from Canada’s #1

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2021 Fraser Valley Music Awards Season Opens With Help From Common Room!

Abbotsford – Over 15 different awards and $10,170 were up for grabs once again with #FVMA21, the 6th annual Fraser Valley Music Awards!

In addition to the 15+ categories through various genres, demographic and fan vote recognition opportunities, CIVL teamed up with Common Room for the second year in a row. This year, the Common Room Recording Grant was awarded at the Fraser Valley Music Awards in the second straight year of teaming up with CIVL!

2021 FVMA Event Information and Prizes

About the FVMAs

The awards, now in their sixth year, are an initiative of CIVL Radio, the University of the Fraser Valley’s campus and community radio station, and were first hosted in July 2016 after a year-long grant project funded by the Community Radio Fund of Canada.

Starting in 2020, as an extension of the station’s commitment to the region’s musicians, and that group’s livelihood having been particularly devastated by the effects of COVID-19, the station has put up $10,170 in prizing to be split between the years’ winners. #FVMA21


The following prizes were awarded on the #FVMA21 for details click here:

  • The Common Room Music Collective’s 2021 Recording Grant sees $3,500 awarded to one artist to produce their first professional recording.
  • Artists whose were nominated for a 2021 FVMA are automatically eligible for the Dakota Leslie Memorial Fan Vote, where the more votes you get, the more cash you win!
  • One artist receives an offer to play a paid set at Mission Folk Music Festival in the summer!                      


CIVL Radio, 33844 King Road, Abbotsford, BC V2S 7M8

Judging Consideration

Our adjudicators review the submitted songs from each artist according to the genre selected, according to Depth, Range, Musicianship and Songwriting.
Our adjudicators are made up of CIVL staff, volunteers and community partners that have a wealth of experience and diverse engagement in the music industry.
Among them are professionals who have also been judges for the Junos, Polaris Prize, FACTOR grant adjudications, Common Room, and other established arts funding bodies.
FVMA 2017 Judging consideration