What We Embrace

2022 Award Nominee

About The Artist

Located in Coquitlam

Connection to Fraser Valley: Lindalouise, our lead songwriter started to write poems looking out at the Fraser River and the mountains. Those poems would become songs. Our work is heavily influenced by the landscape, tenacity and creative culture in the lower mainland and Fraser Valley.

Folk/Roots duo What We Embrace tell stories, some triumphant, some less so.
They make music for the dreamers, the broken and the yet to be found.
Husband and wife duo Lindalouise and Dougie blend their voices to create a rich vocal sound that will steep your soul in nostalgia and then break your heart.
Their sound is teetering between indie folk and new Americana with each song a journey towards reflection, hope and longing for human connection.
Their story is one of packing their lives into two suitcases, moving halfway across the world for one dream that then became two.
“We often find ourselves in moments quite unexpected and we find then we are all what we embrace”

Lindalouise was compelled to write poems looking out at the view of the Fraser river and Mount Baker. With the guidance from Dougie and the creative community in BC those poems would become songs.