About The Artist

Located in White Rock

Winning Jazz Artist of the Year at the FVMA’s last year opened doors for me. Most meaningfully, it connected me to a community of sincere, supportive musicians, especially throughout the Abbotsford music arena. I am so grateful for this.

It was part of a year of highlights for me that culminated in sharing an Emmy for a project to which I contributed music.

The awards have given me more opportunities and encouraged me to produce several EPs of different styles and genres; several of which are forming my submissions to different categories in the FVMA this year.

I’ve learned more about mixing and mastering so that I can produce music that now defines my sound. I’m proudest of my cover of Keven Jordan’s “True Believers”, and of my BIMPOC piece “Crown of Thorns”; I think because they are about effecting change. But it’s also been such joy to just help people have fun, or to console them or to help them feel seen.

For those of you interested in production notes, they’re included on the Youtube videos of each song.

I hope you find music that fills your soul.

Stay well,

About the songs:
I kept the Jazz going this year in my first EP, “Curiosity Box”: I made it flirty, fun, dynamic, kind of me-in-a-box.

My Rock songs for FVMA this year are all from my recent EP, “The Power of One”. I wanted to hit with power and energy from the first beat. From “Cocktail Umbrellas in the Rain”, an anthem-like, high energy call for climate action; to “Crown of Thorns”, an exploration of BIMPOC angst; then building to the final track “Stand”, with its vocal journey inspired by Clara Torry in Pink Floyd’s “Great Gig in the Sky”.

I also have a strong pull to giving young people musical experiences that are as varied and intricate as they are. From day one, they have a large range of emotions, thoughts and feelings. Their inner world is vast. I want to help them feel seen; to have fun, yes, and also go into some strong feelings, ones that we all grapple with. That’s what I brought into my children’s EP “Stronger than You Know”.

Then, of course, my contralto voice keeps bringing me back to folk music. I love how folk can be profoundly simple. “Madonna of Tears” started as a tribute to my mother, and evolved into exploring that strength any of us find when opening our hearts. It’s part of my “Heart Wide Open” EP that runs on that theme.

My Pop submission for FVMA features my cover of Kevin Jordan’s “True Believers”. It’s a poignant quest for the ideals for change that we had in the 1960s. It’s wistful, but culminates in a glimmer of hope as the next generations of young visionaries rise.