FVMA 2020 Award Winner

About The Artist

Located in White Rock

Let’s do music! In celebration. In consolation. In hope. If I can use my voice to put my arm around you or lift you up, or to remind you who you are, then it’s all worthwhile.

I grew up under the influence of the crooners, but soon found so much of life hiding in all genres. I thought my Dad was Perry Como, he sounded just like him. I’d heard Dad’s singing filling our home each night as I fell asleep. He passed his voice and love of music on to me. For that, I am forever grateful.

I’ve been performing for three years now and releasing my own recordings for two. I’ve been compared to Grace Slick, Annie Lennox, Nora Jones, KD Lang, all amazing artists, so I’m touched by these comparisons. In the end, each musician begins to sound distinctive. I hope I’m reaching that point.

In any case, if the sound reaches you, inside where you live, then I am satisfied.

Be well,