2022 Award Nominee

About The Artist

Located in Chicago

Connection to Fraser Valley: Family/Friends

I been working on my dreams as a musician seems like forever. what this would mean to a unicorn artist like myself could change the game and change my life. I am a passionate driven independent entrepreneur , singer, songwriter, music producer, music publishing, music distributor KMP release and owner and founder of KMP music service platform for your music releases. Everything any artist needs to learn how to release, brand and market their music. I been chasing my dreams and waiting on the opportunity to share my talents with the world.

Previous Music Experience/Education/Performances
Won Award for Best Music Performance 2021 Poze Records Awards Show in Chicago
Top Indie Artist 2019 Vamo Radio
Official Music Video Press Release done by IssueWire
Owner of Kream Music Publishing and KMP Digital Music Release.
Support and mentor to other indie singers and music producers.
Won 3rd Place, Round 1 as a Participant in Who’s who Music Competition in 2018 in Minnesota.
Passion, high energy and charisma.