Karen Colville

2020 Award Nominee

About The Artist

Located in Vancouver

Connection to Fraser Valley: Karen recorded at a studio in the Fraser Valley, Mazas Group, The song Beautiful Sunset and others, she won 7 film festival awards international and 1 in Vancouver,. Karen also has used on location photos in the Fraser Valley for use in her music new media presentations with Film Freeway. Karen is very determined to make her own way as an Independent jazz Artist in British Columbia. Karen's future partner and family lives in the Fraser Valley, Karen is attracted to the Fraser Valley for artistic creation.Creative BC encouraged Karen to record in the Down Town Vancouver, being loyal, Karen worked with Mazas Group for another year, learning video editing to new media, she entered her creative work in film festivals to gain recognition for her creative work in music, then a year later, shestarted working with Producer Adel Boussa downtown Vancouver, and then with Kat Hendrix of Absolute Sound, he has produced over 100 albums in British Columbia. Karen is always Thankful she received valuable experience as starting over her music career in the Fraser Valley.

Karen Colville is a mature Singer and Lyric Writer Jazz Adult Contemporary, she is also a Painter and designer slow fashion. Her passion for jazz music returned in recent years, when Karen explored New Media as an art form with music to support her cultural expression work.A single Beautiful Sunset, while singing live back up vocals in her city church.Karen Colville, Vancouver Artist is a studio production Artist the genre of, smooth jazz, an adult contemporary Vocalist with a distinct and unique voice, described as sweet and sometimes melancholic, Composer William Brown in the USA,, on this recording project, she discovered his work when searching for a Gospel composer and she learned, that he also composed jazz,and she is presently working with seasoned Vancouver Producer Kat Hendrix of Absolute Sound in Vancouver, to produce a Jazz EP titled Colors of Love. released in October 2020 with Universal Music and is now on Spotify. Karen also advocates for Artists living with disabilites, she particpated in Kick Start disability arts music programs and Vancouver Adapted Music Society, Karen rebuilds her music career in British Columbia, she calls home. Karen also a church performer every other weekend at a Church in Vancouver, where local Musicians from all over BC, show case their work.


Her passion independent jazz for years, she performed as a guest artist in jazz clubs in North America, since the 90’s, Down Beat, American jazz history, European jazz, and decided to return to the art form from her awards new media film festivals.

Her first CD Beauty of Dreams Jazz and World, Karen’s style is compared to Joe Jackson. Cafe Del Mar

Interview:What is music to you? What does it give you??

I always find music gives enhancement to life, mood and uplifts the spirit. It gives myself a platform of expression for culture and underrepresented people while exploring beauty and emotion.

What is your music dream??

To have my music in a feature or independent film. To touch people’s lives in a good way, vice versa.

If you could change the world – what would you start with??

People to understand we are human and stop being divisive, I have visited many countries and met and collaborated with people of different back grounds.Which is the most memorable song from your childhood??

When I was a young child, The Aristocats,and Easter Parade, old fashioned music,old school tunes by Mom she sang to myself. I really grew up on Mo Town because the signal bounced across the lake from New York into Canada. Michael Jackson, Stylistics, Diana Ross, Smoky Robinson, Paul Simon, Dionne Warwick,Miles Davis. I met Smoky Robinson in Toronto, at Ontario place as a kid and was in complete awe of him He heard myself singing while he was doing a sound check He frowned at first, then gave myself a nod this was a huge deal to a young girl.. I liked Smooth Operator by Sade, anything by Grace Jones as a kid. Hands up it was the Pink Panther, Henry Mancini. My Aunt was living next door neighbor to Comedian Mike Mayers, Scarborough, I knew Mike liked Peter Sellers movies, I was into Peter Sellers the Party and other films too, and Mike would wave an smile to myself . Many of my child hood friends went into show business to escape poverty and it worked,while many stayed local. I was the girl next door. Theme Songs, Charlies Angels, The Best is Yet to Come, Romantic illusion music very necessary to the American song book. I had a balance of content of Canadian, American and European Music. This is where the dream of film score came in, this is mind blowing, truly, I feel full circle again in so many ways. Lights Steve Perry. ? 50s,60s,70s,80s, 90s some times1920s, 1940s music, to present this is a lot of Music. This was my child hood, across the board. I also dreamed as a child of releasing music on the internet, before it was invented. I would listen to Star Wars on tape over and over again. I really enjoyed Orchestrated Music to hear all of the instruments. I watched Soul Train as a kid,on TV. I also remember Barbara Streisand singing Christmas Carols. on a vinyl album..Jazz became more and more of a preference.. I also loved the Pink Panther as a small kid, Henry Mancini. I really was into music with a Down beat I I would stare at the cover of Down Beat and dream it was myself on the cover.lol. I did not get access to what was considered adult jazz from High school band, jazz vocals until College. I saw a poster of Billie Holliday in a Toronto record shop and I was in awe of her also, because the world of jazz, offered something different more worldly. I enjoyed music from all different eras and countries. Then the record dealers got to me, in a good way, my collection was vast. I also liked Calypso music at cultural festivals. I grew up in the country, there was a lot of country music. Country for some unknown reason did not work with my voice, I did the Nashville thing too and went there. I also liked folk music also very much. There were Musicians playing in garages and in basement, town hall concert gatherings, on my home town street, some of them performed as a band with Artists that rose to the greatest stardom. I listened to a lot of pop, popular culture, I was really more intrigued with jazz, r & b, later smooth jazz. Smooth jazz, and light jazz is my favorite to date. My favorite to listen is Cafe Del Mar for a long time. It has taken years to find my own voice, as a Vocalist. I loved jazz it is an international expression, jazz represented some kind of music freedom, even though it is adult music. There is more jazz for kids since the late eighties early nineties. World jazz the music of many countries as Brasil, France. I was in awe and would listen in different languages. I was surrounded with different kinds of music. I remember having a transistor and thinking I was so grown up listening to FM music, is funny to think of it now. I baby sat late to listen to music and watched Midnight Special, Don Kirshners, Old Grey Whistle Test. When I was a teen into Todd Rundgren, in later years I met the voice of Rosemary Butler,in Holly wood, in person, she had an influence. Ken Tobias Canadian hits folk Singer , he is my Visual Artist friend today on facebook. I also met Holly Cole, Wynton Marsalis, Jazz was more sophisticated to my ears. I was into Pat Metheney, Al Di Meola for many years, Diane Schuur. Rosemary and Linda Rhondstat were my child hood music heroes. This dream came true in LA. Swinging Sheppards Blues on the CBC was very popular as Take 5 my favorite jazz song ever Bruebeck. Oscar Peterson, I also wondered how the music got into a juke box. I became a teen I was into UK imports, Ska, punk.The Tide is High from Blondie. Endicott, Kid Creole. I had a crush on Joe Jackson and still do , uhm lol music wise.lol. he comes out a lot, his eclectic musical influence. I took piano and organ lessons at 12. I played the flute off and on for years. I was the lead singer in children’s choirs and I won awards.. I also liked some classical. I really just wanted to sing. I asked my parents for a piano daily for about a year. I hated playing the clarinet at school, I bought a flute in High school. I played as a Musician in many Theatrical events. It took a very long time to develop because, years of cafes , open mics, jazz clubs, private parties, life experience. I felt the disappointment as rejection of not being accepted into a Post Secondary Music Program to study, I did take Lyric Writing with Pat Pattison of Berklee, it took more years to develop the craft of lyric writing. I did this all on my own and in community,all of my income went towards music development, whether educational conferences it took over my life. I sang with some accomplished Musicians and some also rejected myself. I would cry for about a week. I later became a lot more resilient to criticism. I decided to select who I wanted to work with.There was little no community support in some senses, and so competitive. I also wanted to be taken serious as a Singer, and what was suited to my voice and what I wanted to convey in writing. I did not participate in some of the activities offered, I made a wise decision and became very respected. My paintings also supported the hiring and support of many Musicians, to do the projects I wanted to do. My entire family offered and listened to different genres of music. Dad glorified and played war tunes, I was not into at all, as generational ,offered respect., my Sister was more Rock and roll, into hard rock, blues, my older Brother would have Van Halen on cranked up. I heard through the wall. and the wall vibrated with electricity I did not mind it. I had a preference for Clapton, I was a quiet kid and more into softer sounds from all the very loud music at my parents, and deep craft when it came to music., I have heard up close some of best stand up Bassists. It took a long time for my family to understand why I was not as them and into different Artists. My journey was very different. Travel to world Music. I developed a taste for jazz at an early age, I also liked ballads, I was the sensitive empathy, classical,. and song writing craft. When Ii was really young I was into Joe Jackson, I grew up with his music, I was in jazz in high school so I recognized it when mixed with pop culture,this did not ever leave my spirit with the muse, so many people said you emulate his style, I really developed a taste and ear for jazz in Art college, I also traveled to Chicago, to learn blues, see jazz festivals. Atlanta and across the States to learn and jam, then a radio tour in Europe. I supported independent Artist for years. Recently into Gospel and oddly enough it brought myself back to jazz.

Who are your favorite musical artists or bands??

Joe Jackson since child hood, Alicia Keys, mostly Cafe Del Mar since they first started. The actual list is a book and my music tastes change from time to time, my preference is Adult contemporary and smooth jazz.

What inspires you to make music??

Creative energy, cultural expression, other Musicians and blessings from above. Give credit to the Creator most of all.

What is the message you want to send with your music??

Humans are better toward one another on this planet and beauty exists in our hearts and ears aside all of the corruption in our life experience.

How do you feel when you perform in front of an audience??

Okay, as long as I feel a connection with them.

How do you see the musicians’ reality nowadays? What could be improved??

Tough go for so many..having to adapt to land on your feet, during these uncertain times, tough question to have solutions. I wanted to express music while I am still alive and have the chance, for others is very hard, live streams pay little, I try to stay focused and a light in these times.

What do you think of Drooble??

Okay in so far.. I really enjoy the sense of community here even it is online,I am listening to some really great Music and feel a place of honor here.

What frustrates you most as a musician??

When there is lack of support and getting access to certain sites, is so time consuming. The industry itself was a little more fair. The costs involved pay pay pay, this has gotten better, it costs so much!

Do you support your local scene as a fan? How??

I always have by attending music festivals, live gigs, every week at our local Church, music conferences. I have supported Artists by taking photos, giving them connections I paid for, by helping. I have been in the independent music scene for over 15 years. I have incredible cultural experiences of travel, I would not trade to the status quo.

What qualities should a musician nowadays have in order to get their music heard by a larger audience??

Live stream and sites of actual support that are not always in it to take the Artist money and do very little, I have had enough of that. Getting on Play lists.. it depends on so much.

Share some awesome artists that we’ve never heard of.?

Steve Hill, Blues,I nominated him for The Order of Canada.