Anna Arrobas

2020 Award Nominee

About The Artist

Located in Montreal

Connection to Fraser Valley: Guitarist and composer Shane Hoy is the second half of the project was born and raised in Mission, B.C., resided there for over 25 years and was involved in various musical projects there until recently moving to Montreal, QC where he met Anna Arrobas. Anna has since visited B.C. and made connections with the music scene in the Fraser Valley, they both hope to play shows there when touring can resume.

After concluding a tour across Canada with ‘Cheap High’, Shane Hoy moved from Mission, B.C. to Montreal, QC, where he met Anna Arrobas. Their passion for songwriting and newfound love sparked the project and they began recording together immediately. Their first release ‘Metal Locket’ came out in 2019, a collection of sincere and heartbreaking love songs. Her voice mourns for the lover that is lost and waiting, accompanied by Shane’s airy yet dramatic melodies that shine in their simplicity. Anna is the master of their haunting and romantic aesthetic, having studied photography and cinema her use of imagery to create an ambience and immerse others into the story they tell is an important aspect of their process. They are currently working on their first full-length studio album and is set to be released in 2020.