Victoria Groff

2022 Award Nominee

About The Artist

Located in Richmond

Vancouver based singer-songwriter Victoria Groff isn’t afraid of letting her fans know exactly how she’s feeling. With songwriting some describe as diary entries, Victoria’s music opens up a window to the inner thoughts and feelings that have plagued her 20’s. Whether singing alone with her guitar, as a duo with her partner, Chris Clute, or backed by her dynamic 5-piece band, Victoria has been known to leave crowds singing their hearts out with her magnetic stage presence and vocals.

Since her first release with production duo, Sound of Kalima, in March of 2021, the Vancouver-based artist has released four singles, became a finalist in the 2021 Canadian Songwriting Competition, received her first ever Artist Development Grant from Factor, and opened for ‘The 7 O’Clock Cheer’; a charity concert for St. Paul’s Hospital.

Whether she’s anthem singing for the Vancouver Canucks, or performing at The Railway Club in Vancouver, Groff plans for 2022 to be a year of a new sound and more shows for the artist. With a singer-songwriter writing style mixed with dynamic vocals and a dark pop vibe, Victoria encourages listeners to keep an eye out for some new shiny singles to be dropped later this year.