Roads Unknown

FVMA 2020 Award Winner

About The Artist

Located in Mission and Abbotsford

A product of Mission, British Columbia’s burgeoning music scene, Roads Unknown is a four-piece that delivers their catchy and relatable compositions with sweet harmonies and soaring roots instrumentation. It took just a few impromptu collaborations at an open mic for Michael Jantzen and Tony O’Hara to realize that their voices — a warm baritone and a rusty tenor — were destined to harmonize. From there they formed a singer-songwriter duo in the spring of 2015. They were soon joined by precision bassist, Solomon Janzen, and Jennie Bice on fiddle, who with her uncanny ear for crafting the perfect melodic tapestry, elevates songs to places so beautiful it’s surreal. Combining wistful lyrics and playful banter, they perform their eclectic fusion of folk, country, and blues that’s hard to define, but somehow always feels like home.