Mackenzie Widdows

2020 Award Nominee

About The Artist

Located in Mission

Inspired by the fleeting nature of each moment, Mackenzie Widdows produces colourful compositions designed to emphasize the joy of life and instill a sense of optimism in the audience. Liberated by Marcel Duchamp’s rebellious attitude towards art, and the sincerity of Maya Angelou, Mackenzie creates music and visuals as symbols of life and happiness. Hailing from the rainforests of Vancouver Island, Mackenzie first explored the arts at a Shawinigan Lake summer camp, and later went on to work as an arts and crafts instructor at various summer camps between the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island. In June 2019 Mackenzie released his debut album, Mackedamia, winning him a Fraser Valley Music Award and a Celebration of The Arts Award. Today Mackenzie is working on his second album, Back 2 Mackedamia, while completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Art and Literature at the University of the Fraser Valley. At the core of Mackenzie’s work is an affinity for lightheartedness, nature, and a reverence for the everyday.