Lowercase Dream

2022 Award Nominee

Excellence by a BIMPOC Artist Award Winner

About The Artist

Located in Vancouver

Connection to Fraser Valley: I grew up playing and writing music in the Fraser Valley for over a decade. I still have connections there and still play shows there. It is an important place to me!

Lowercase Dream is the project of Vancouver-based musician K.C. Roces, who has been performing music in B.C.’s Lower Mainland since 2008.

Roces attempts to illustrate wider themes through personal vignettes. His songs involve his reflections on self-preservation and acceptance. They explore and honour a plurality of human connection. They explore queerness and the absurdity of the heteronormative structures that keep people from being free with themselves.

Roces is a multi-instrumentalist and fluent in several styles of music. His 2020 release Lowercase Dream combines elements of dream-pop, Bossa-nova, and folk music. His new work with Joshua Eastman at Helm Studios expands on this sound.

Roces won a Fraser Valley Music Award in 2021 for the alternative/indie singer-songwriter category, and has previously received the Inclusivity Award for Excellence by a Queer-Identifying Artist.