Jenny Banai

FVMA 2020 Award Winner

About The Artist

Located in Vancouver

Connection to Fraser Valley: I, the artist have been living in Vancouver these past 6 years, but I was born and raised in Surrey, hung out in Langley and went to school in Abbotsford. The Fraser Valley is still very much in my blood and I regularly commune with family, friends as well as other artists and business-owners living there. My recent release "couchwalker" (September 17, 2020) was co-produced with Abbotsford producer, composer, and artist, Scott Currie (Kuri) and partially recorded in Abbotsford at the Sound Suite Studios as well as Scott's living room.

“Charismatic, yet somehow equally coy,” Jenny Banai “wields a magnetic power of likeabililty both on and off the stage. With a guitar in her hands, there’s a clear and present energy that overtakes her” (Beatroute). Raised among the green pastures of BC’s Fraser Valley, she is an artist who lives and works in East Vancouver. The contrast is aptly reflected in her work. Banai sets precise, homespun lyrics against vibrant, textured musical backdrops, pouring her observations and emotions into songs that give voice to the things many of us lack words to say. Armed with a little guitar and a gorgeous, powerful voice, Banai has embarked on several tours, gracing festival stages across Canada with her inimitable live show, earning fans and well-deserved accolades along the way (FVMA Folk Artist of the Year 2018, TV placements on “The Drive” and “Unspeakable”). She’s remained wide-eyed since the release of her sprawling debut, “flowering head” (2015), capturing moments and fashioning her recollections into the remarkable new LP, “couchwalker.” Banai’s work is unique. Her songs aren’t quite easy listening — they demand your attention — but they are keen, charming and above all, honest. Her guitar tone, by the way, will convert even ardent metalheads, and affirms her as much more than a folksinger. Make no mistake, those who are willing to tiptoe along the upholstery behind this musical sherpa will be sweetly rewarded.