FVMA 2021 Award Winner

About The Artist

Located in Burnaby

Connection to Fraser Valley: Abbotsford is my home town, where I grew up, where my family and friends live, where I spend holiday's etc. I moved to Burnaby for university, but I completed all my schooling in Abby, played sports for Abbotsford, worked my first jobs in Abbotsford, took music lesson's in Abby, It's my home!

Learning instruments such as piano, drums, and saxophone growing up kickstarted my passion for music at a young age. Playing in different bands helped my creative ear to eventually begin producing and singing my own music. While majoring in psychology and running track at SFU, I wrote, produced, performed, and perfected my album over the past five years. On my album ‘Playback’ you’ll hear a fusion of music that inspires me most, R&B, hip hop, and afrobeat. The album has opened a lot of doors and I am excited for what the future holds.