J.D. Miner / Darryl Klassen

2020 Award Nominee

About The Artist

Located in Langley

Darryl Klassen and Chad Joiner are the core members of “J.D. Miner”. Darryl sings, writes music and plays the guitar and banjo. He has travelled extensively throughout B.C. while learning from and being a nuisance to Indigenous communities. He is now retired and lives in an old farm house in a quiet area of the Langley Township. He builds wooden boats and is a fledgling visual artist. Life just keeps getting better.
Chad Joiner, known to many for the prize winning bands from Mennonite Educational Institution which he directs, adds the fiddle, mandolin (when he hasn’t hurt himself doing manly shovel things), the trumpet and a clarinet. Seems like there is always a new instrument in the closet somewhere.
J.D. Miner has released three cds. “Ain’t No Ordinary Hillbilly”, “Coal Train”, and “Waltz With the Wind”.