2020 Award Nominee

Excellence by a Female Artist Award Winner

About The Artist

Located in Surrey

Up and coming 19 year old RnB songstress Glisha is emerging into the light with her vibrantly melodious vocals and emotionally-charged lyrics. Glisha, who is from Vancouver, Canada, discovered her strong passion for music when she started singing at only 4 years old. Throughout the years, she began her singing career performing cover songs at local events in her city, ranging from Canada Day celebrations, to charity events, and multicultural festivals. She continued to enhance her talents by taking vocal lessons, and eventually started writing her own music. Her sound is reminiscent of today’s contemporary RnB amidst dulcet tones and mellifluous cadences; encompassing her listeners with emotion as she shares messages from the heart.

Glisha’s career in songwriting took off when she released her first single in 2018, Over Myself, which garnered thousands of streams within the first month of release. It has since surpassed 280,000+ streams on Spotify alone, making it her highest streamed single— an impressive feat for a debut song. Glisha’s live performance of this song during her time as a guest performer for Diamond Record holder and legendary Filipino singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan earned recognition by the Canadian Joey Awards, where she was awarded “Best Performance in a Recorded Song” in November of 2019. Her success continued with the release of her second single and first music video, Scars and Scratches, which further solidified Glisha’s place in Vancouver’s music community. Since then, she has released her third and most recent single, Unheard Of, in May 2020. She is currently studying Music Technology and working on her debut album, which aims to share more stories of adolescent life, love, and heartbreak.