2020 Award Nominee

About The Artist

Located in Mission

2020 saw Evereal release a new four-song EP, entitled “Falling Down” along with two new music videos. They released the first single “I Bleed” which debuted in amazons top 10 rising artist charts and hit #11 on the New releases chart. Evereals 2017 debut album also opened in the top ten on Amazons metal charts and received rave reviews. The second single release “When you’re gone” has seen nearly 500,000 streams on spotify and other streaming platforms.
The Vancouver based symphonic metal band debuted in 2017 with a full-length album and signed a distribution deal with 7Hard Records Germany. They caught the eye of RUSH artist Hugh Syme who signed on as artistic director for the release.
Following the release of the band’s first album, the band went through a lineup change, hired drummer Nelson Bennett and recruited Alicja Moniatowicz as new lead vocalist/lyricist.
Alicja Moniatowicz, the band’s new lead singer and lyricist, was the perfect fit for Evereal. Both Moniatowicz and Stephen Roberts are fans of symphonic styled music, which comes though in their writing: Heavy metal guitar riffs underlying a sonic quilt work of strings and piano.