Annika Catharina

2023 Award Nominee

About The Artist

Located in Abbotsford

Connection to Fraser Valley: I grew up in Deroche, BC, moved to Mission and now live in Abbotsford. I went to UFV, graduated with a BA, and obtained a Bachelor of Education. I am also in a working band (5 piece) and an acoustic duo that plays regularly across the Fraser Valley! I was in a duo called “Broadway Crush”; however, we decided to part ways! This year I started to release music under my artist, Annika Catharina, and I have many more tunes to release this year!

Though pop and rock was the genre I first loved, Patsy Cline’s music drew me to the country genre, where I was introduced to many female powerhouses. After hearing “Walking After Midnight,” and “Crazy,” I started singing country covers along with other classics. I wanted to perform country music any chance I got. I was fortunate enough to perform multiple sets at the Rockin’ River Music Festival throughout the years and even open for Canadian country star Michelle Wright when I was younger, and more recently the Hell or High water fundraiser, 2022. I have also placed in various competitions, such as Varieties Got Talent, PNE Star Showdown, and BC Youths Talent Search. My music journey was off to a great start. Unfortunately, in 2017 I got in a bad accident. The accident required multiple surgeries and a reconstructive facial surgery which made singing challenging, but nothing was going to stop me from pursuing music. No matter what I’m doing, if music is involved I’m happy. My musical past and accident, though, felt like a setback have led me to where I am today – being able to record music and share it with the world.

I currently play and regularly sing in a working band and acoustic duo for multiple events in BC, Canada. Playing with the band and acoustic gigs keep me busy, and I am forever grateful for the opportunities to play covers and original music for people around BC. Though I love this, my major aspiration is to have my artistic career, which led me to record “Better” and many more that I can’t wait to release. Better was my first-ever release as an independent artist. It quickly gained attention from a Spotify editorial playlist country, “Fresh Finds,” a massive win for someone who has never released music on their own. Better also made it onto Sirius XM channel 171 and is doing well on Canadian radio. I am currently finishing up a brand new single that will be released late July called “Broke It”. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!