Victoria Groff

2021 Award Nominee

Excellence by a Female Artist Award Winner

About The Artist

Located in Richmond

Vancouver based singer-songwriter Victoria Groff isn’t afraid of letting her fans know exactly how she’s feeling. With songwriting that some describe are like diary entries, Victoria opens up a window to her inner thoughts and feelings that have plagued her 20’s. Rather than cherry-pick the parts of her life she shares in her music, Victoria opts to be authentic, with honest and vulnerable lyrics, and vocals that truly express what is going inside the 27-year-old’s mind.

Inspired by the music and lyrics of female artists such as Sara Bareilles, Brandi Carlile, and Taylor Swift, Victoria Groff’s musical style slides from contemporary and folk, to indie pop and lo-fi, never letting genres hold her in a box. With her delicately sincere vocals that ring through, Victoria’s voice compliments her storytelling; weaving listeners from story to story, capturing the raw emotions of tension and uneasiness, hopefulness and disappointment, and wholeheartedness and betrayal.
Victoria’s third single ‘C H A N G E S’, released on August 18th, is a song about self discovery and realizing who and what really matters in this world. Blending the inspirational pop ballad of Rachel Platten’s ‘Fight Song’ and the catchy songwriter vibe of ‘Missing Piece’ by Vance Joy, ‘C H A N G E S’ is perfect for long road trips, flights to far off places, or moments where you just need a little more courage.

Victoria’s debut single ‘Sun and Moon’ whisks listeners into a wonderland fantasy of a healthy and balanced relationship; something that seemed impossible for the young artist back in college after a not-so-balanced experience, while her second single ‘Hope, Wish, Pray’, captures the tension and confusion she felt last year when doubt and grief seemed to consume her life.

From the first sparks of a new potential love, grappling with grief and loss, choosing herself over others, and calling out the ghosts she’s encountered, these are just a few of the stories listeners will get the chance to experience this year with Victoria.