Rich Chambers

2023 Award Nominee

About The Artist

Located in Langley

Rich Chambers is kind of retro, but not really. He hints at country, but he isn’t quite country. He is a little bit modern rock and also a little bit pop. He’s even a little bit bubble-gum pop (watching endless amounts of Partridge Family reruns as a kid will do that to you) In a nutshell, he really is a little bit of everything. Rich Chambers is Rock n’ Roll Reimagined.

The term “Rock n’ Roll” doesn’t get used that much anymore, but Chambers believes that true Rock n’ Roll is a hybrid of the best elements of many different forms of popular and secular music. Throw in Chambers’ unassuming, likeable, and relatable personality and you have an artist who is bringing authenticity and sincerity back into pop rock music alongside some downright infectious melodies and rhythms. And with over three million streams on Spotify, over one million views on YouTube, radio and press that is beginning to span the globe, and 100,000 Facebook and 50,000 TikTok followers, people are taking notice!

With bombastic guitars and a vocal style that oozes rock n’ roll. Rich Chambers is giving us something that rock n’ roll has not seen in quite some time—energy and fun. It’s Rock n’ Roll Reimagined.