FVMA 2023 Award Winner

About The Artist

Located in White Rock

“One of the most valuable things I can do as a musician is help people find some hope, especially young people. I’ve noticed, over the last decade, and especially since COVID, many people have stopped dreaming of what life can be. The young people I work with no longer talk about a vision for their future. Dreams are not even on their radar. I think music is a powerful way to find ourselves again. It can console us until we see who we are. It can hold up a bright light for us to reach toward.

“My main song for consideration for this year’s FVMAS is in honour of one of our nation’s inspirational icons, Rick Hansen. Fifty years ago, he had the accident that changed his life, and, through his determination, that of so many others. I felt compelled to create this musical tribute, “Victorious”, to celebrate his visionary spirit. I hope it lifts you up.

“The beauty of music is, when you find songs resonate with you, they can take you to a place where your life has more meaning. Wherever you can find yourself, go there. “

‘Lovarra’ is the stage name for Corinne Friesen, a long time Fraser Valley resident who first came to community attention with her roof-top concerts during Covid quarantines. She has since released over two dozens songs, 5 EPs, won a Fraser Valley Music Award in 2022 for Jazz artist of the year, and has backed that with a FVMA nomination in 2022 for her Rock EP. She holds a Prime Time Emmy, 2020 for her musical contributions to the “Create Together” project.