2022 Award Nominee

Fan Vote Award 2nd Runner Up

About The Artist

Located in Surrey

Glisha is a 21-year-old Surrey-based Filipino Canadian singer/songwriter with international hit singles to her name. Glisha writes and co-produces her own original music, and has been singing and performing in the Vancouver and Fraser Valley area for the past 13 years.

Glisha’s songwriting career took off when she released her first single in 2018, Over Myself, which garnered thousands of streams within the first month of release. It has since surpassed 330,000+ streams on Spotify alone, making it her highest streamed single— an impressive feat for a debut song. Following that success, Glisha was recognized by the Canadian Joey Awards for “Best Performance in a Recorded Song” in 2019. At the 2020 Fraser Valley Music Awards, she won ‘Excellence by a Female Artist’ and performed her sophomore single, ‘Scars and Scratches’. Glisha’s career continued with the release of her debut album, ‘Attachments + Acceptance’ (2021) including the global hits Staycation, Love Myself Loudly, and Yesterday. With the success of her album, she placed within the top 5 for the Dakota Leslie Fan Vote at the 2021 Fraser Valley Music Awards.

You can anticipate Glisha’s next release on July 7th for an energetic yet melancholic pop-ballad song called ‘Why We Can’t Be Friends’.